centuriespast: Portrait of an Unknown Woman with a FanBeatrice Offor (1864–1920)Bruce Castle Museum Source: centuriespast

connoisseur-art: Tancrede Synave, Young Woman with a White Fan Source: connoisseur-art

loumargi: Girl With a Peacock Feather Fan, by George Frederic Watts, circa 1860s

loumargi: Pan Yuliang (Chinese, 1899-1977) Fille nue avec un fan.

artesens: Nude with a fan Fernand Toussaint Source: artesens

podsteklom: Молодая женщина с веером (Young Woman With A Fan). 1924. Рохлина Вера Николаевна (Vera Rockline) Source: podsteklom